Celebrating Women's Day With Opus's Beauty Health Care Banquet

Fountain of health menu

On International Women's Day, Opus Saigon loves to send a special gift for all ladies - a beauty care Menu “Fountain of Health”. With a variety of rare spices, herbs & choice viands, the menu will become the best wishes for a healthy life and long-lasting beauty.

Not only giving a special price: 1,350,000 VND++/Pax, but Opus also combines the Land and Sea specialties (Caviar, Australian beef, fresh salmon) with the spices, fresh mushrooms, vitamin-rich fruits & antioxidants: pink pomelo, garlic and lemongrass to create 3 skin-friendly dishes:

- Salmon Tartare with Caviar – Pomelo & Lime Salsa

- Assorted Mushroom with Premium Abalone sauce

- Pan-Seared Beef Fillet – Lemongrass & Garlic Prawn – Special Lemongrass sauce – Fresh Noodles

>>> See menu “Fountain of Health”

Moreover, the best and rarest ingredients: Abalone & Sea cucumber will marry well with Cordyceps - an invaluable herbal medicine into Special Double Boiled Soup with Abalone, Sea Cucumber & Cordyceps Roberti. This appetizer also well-known as a 'beauty secret' for ladies with many valuable benefits: improve health, reverse the aging process and create youthfulness.

Especially, together enjoying the sweet Homemade Violet Glutinous Rice Yoghurt and immersing in the live music performance in Opus private & luxurious room is the most romantic way to express the love and gratitude from you to the dearest ladies.