Corporate Events

Corporate event

Blending informal refinement and relaxed elegance, Opus' dining venues strike a perfect note for gala dinners, end-of-year parties, product launches and corporate anniversaries. Ample seating, exquisite cuisine and decades of events management experience ensure every event is a masterpiece.

Our corporate events aren't just business dinners, they are immersive cultural experiences that blend rich culture, objets d'art, musical performances and our famously warm service. Every dish is another chapter in an epicurean story that captivates every guest, no matter how large the gathering.

We bring all our events to life with bespoke entertainment and carefully chosen performances, from live cooking exhibitions to cultural and musical shows. 

We can also arrange authentic celebrations to mark occasions such as milestone birthdays, weddings, retirement and new business partnerships, all accompanied by perfectly tailored moments and intricate dining rituals.

Corporate event

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