Hội An Sense

Experience the flavours of Central Vietnam

Hội An Sense brings the rich heritage and captivating flavours of Central Vietnam to Saigon in a spectacular rooftop setting. Through carefully crafted décor, lovingly prepared cuisine and unparalleled service, this unique restaurant encapsulates the very best of Vietnamese, offering wonderful dining experiences amid exquisitely appointed décor.

Dishes such as traditional rice cakes and charcoal-grilled delicacies celebrate the flavours and scents of the central provinces. Rich woods, plush furnishings and intricate, handcrafted detail fill every corner – the perfect backdrop to a one-of-a-kind fine dining experience.

Every detail here is a treat for the senses, from the gentle trickle of the lotus pond to the vivid colour of the traditional hanging lanterns. Created by hand from local hardwood without using a single nail, Hội An Sense’s beautiful wooden buildings are showcases of Vietnamese craftsmanship and works of art in themselves.

Hội An Sense offers every guest unforgettable Saigon evenings, each one celebrated with an inspirational floating lantern ritual – a wonderful ending to an enchanting dining experience.