Celebrate The Most Romantic Valentine’s Day At Ruby Room

  Nhà hàng phòng riêng dành cho hai khách

Valentine Day is the special day in the year for two hearts to express all the love for each other. More than just exchange boxes of chocolate or bouquets of red roses, a romantic dinner in Ruby Room at Opus Saigon can mark the most unforgettable moment in your love story.

Ruby is the unique color of passionate love. Hence, bringing in a romantic space in red, Ruby Room is the perfect dating venue for you and your true love on Valentine's night. At first step into this dreaming place, you will be impressed with the brilliant red and warm wood decor. If the splendid decoration evokes beautiful memories of the first date, then enjoying Opus Valentine Menu , made by ingredients of love and esoteric spices, can also create a wonderful taste of happiness for you.

Surely Ruby room will warm up your love story and give the couple the most impressive and romantic 14/2 night ever.