Opus Gourmet - The Marvelous Journey Of Flavors

Opus Gourmet

Opus Gourmet is the special event in the series "Opus Private Dining" which is meant to be a journey to enjoy the wonderful taste in life.

Wishing to turn every dish into a moving masterpiece and bring an unforgettable aftertaste in your culinary journey, "Opus Gourmet" offers the premium Live Alaska Lobster Menu is served at the table and combined with top-notch ingredients.

This time, Opus decided to give you and your loved ones the special gift to make sure that you will have a good time: "Canape with Premium Caviar" - The expensive dish of the super-rich is combined with Sparkling Wine and Cooking Show will surely satisfy the most demanding gourmands.

Sublimation with sumptuous cuisine with Opus Gourmet officially begins from June 4th to July 15th, 2019 and is applicable for every day of the week.

Menu Opus Gourmet